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Hey Karl!

I hadn't heard of Dreamgrow before, so let me just say -- it's such a breath of fresh air to find a marketing blog with unique, informative and fun content. Most marketing blogs are full of aimlessly regurgitated surface-level fluff that nobody cares about.

And you're looking for a content manager? Sign me up!

I pulled together this landing page to showcase why I'd be a great fit for the role.

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4 Reasons to Hire Me For Content Manager

The Dreamgrow blog is already a prime example of doing blogging right in the marketing space, and you now want a great content manager to keep it flourishing for years to come. That's perfect. After all, the difference between a dead blog that nobody cares about and a blog with thousands of regular readers is exactly that: a great content manager.

Here's four reasons why I'm your guy.

1. I'm a conversion focused writer.

A great content manager is able to produce high quality content, or at least recognize the difference between average content and exceptional content.

I've been writing for all my life, but my professional writing career officially took off in 2015 when working with Jon Morrow and the Blog Launch Formula-team (smartblogger.com). He taught me the engaging long-form article style that I've used ever since.

Later, when working with Shane Melaugh at Thrive Themes, I earned my stripes as an actual content marketer.

Here are a few of my marketing articles, showcasing my writing style:

2. I'm a results-oriented content strategist.

A great content manager understands the immediate and long-term marketing goals of the blog, and plan the content and budget accordingly. They know what content topics and style serves the blog audience.

My project management framework is similar to what Gael and Mark teach at Authority Hacker Pro. It's been really effective for my own affiliate blog project and my client projects.

Every marketing campaign starts with a clear, measurable goal. Then it becomes a simple matter of planning and scheduling different content pieces to reach the project goal.

Here are a couple of my recent projects to show how I structure projects. Click to see the case study PDFs!

3. I'm an editor and coach.

Writers are fickle creatures. Even the most professional and talented writer requires guidance. That can be in terms of structure, format and style; or through confidence exercises. A great content manager has to be able to guide and coach the writers individually or as a team.

Below I've linked to my relationship coaching channel (Enigmatic Man), writing exercises I created to help a business coach find her copywriting voice, and an article written by a developer I edited for style and structure.

Enigmatic Man Youtube-channel:

My relationship coaching project, examples of my coaching style

Writing coaching exercises:

Helping Ralu Cristea (business coach) find her writing voice

Editing amateur blog article: Improving flow, cohesion, and structure to increase SEO value

4. I have a keen eye for talent.

A great content manager is aware of writer capacity and the need to recruit more talent. This is why it's important for them to thoroughly understand the content marketing process, so they know exactly what to look for in new recruits.

My recruitment experience goes back to my time at Thrive Themes, where I was part of recruiting and training 6 new writers for the marketing team. Since then, with the help of sources like Authority Hacker Pro, I've been able to systematize my hiring.

For writers, my process is pretty simple:

  1. Write job ad with detailed description of project, strong qualification requirements and deadline for applying.
  2. Start looking through applicants. Discard everyone who isn't an instant YES.
  3. Send test task to best 1-3.
  4. Hire if successful. Unless it's a hell yeah, I don't hire, and go back to step 1.

My favorite source for writers is the Problogger job board or LinkedIn, and I haven't yet needed to look any further. Upwork, Facebook, Fiverr or some of the smaller writer platforms just seem like a waste of time in comparison.

Here are a few projects of the projects I've hired writers for:

  • Incaseofcamping.com - my own affiliate blog project
  • Hellotrail.com - an outdoor blog
  • Attractwithyourenergy.com - relationship coaching blog
  • Draft.dev - content marketing agency for developer blogs

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