Art Salad exhibition

Art Salad was my first solo exhibition. It was held in Finnish city Espoo from June till August of 2020.

Art Salad was originally conceived as a watercolor still life series, but subsequently it became a reflection of a whole creative period, the beginning of the artist’s path. The youngest fruits of my creative search were sliced into this salad. And here’s the recipe: take some people’s emotions, life stories told by a glance, mix it with an impression from the beauty of natural phenomena and season it with colors of ripe fruits and vegetables.

My work of the previous 3 years has been represented by 24 pieces of watercolor and oil paintings as well as graphite and color pencils drawings. The last art work from that list was finished the night before the opening day. And the organizing process was not that smooth and easy. There was a cancellation by mistake from the art space administration part and rescheduling, then a threat of cancellation due to the pandemic but it worked anyway. And I love that my experience.

Copyright 2021 by Anastasia Saburova