Oil paintings

"Morning in the backyard". Canvas on board 50x40 cm, 2019, Estonia

To paint this piece I got my inspiration from a photo taken by another multipotentialite person who I'm following and who is a curator and a founder of an art support foundation. He had a sort of a challenge to photograph daily life and usual things around in order just to notice them. He took many amazing shots. And I tried to paint a moment of his vision - it was such an interesting journey.

Available for purchase, 350€

"Autumn texture". Stretched canvas 50x40 cm, 2019, Germany

It was just another rainy gray October day of German autumn when I felt like to fill the space with turquoise blue - one of my favorite colors that reminds me of my time in Maldives, Mediterranean summer coast, Swiss Alps lakes. And to make it even more fun I experimented with a tea spoon to create that volumetric texture and when it dried up I couldn't help but constantly wanted to touch these strokes with my fingers.

Available for purchase, 410€

"Northern forest". Canvas on board 50x40 cm, 2018, Estonia

Available for purchase, 300€

"In the cold light". Canvas on board 30x24 cm, 2018, Estonia

This work was my first experience with a palette knife technique and first I wasn't really satisfied with the result. I thought the composition was broken so I didn't publish it even though some experienced artist with whom I used to work as an interior decorator said that this piece was great. And just a couple of months ago I took a fresh look on it and found that I actually like its imperfection very much.


"Orange hat". Stretched canvas 40x30 cm, 2018, France

Available for purchase, 270€

Watercolor paintings

"Veggie art". Paper 40x30 cm, 2019, Germany

I prefer my food to be healthy and colorful. And this still life was a real moment of cooking process in my kitchen and was happily eaten. With this piece I started my “Art Salad” collection.

Available for purchase, 230€

"Finnish strawberry". Paper 55x40 cm, 2020, Finland

I called this work "Finnish strawberry". And it's not only about how amazing it is that a northern country is growing berries (and bunch of greens) so local people could have a sunny country's assortment in supermarkets.
It's also about how a cold country has been so warm and colourful for me since I moved in. And I'm infinitely grateful for this.

Available for purchase, 320€

"Blueberry beads". Paper 40x30 cm, 2020, Finland

Blue shades are so rare around common fruits and vegetables. I found this colour contrast between blueberries and fruits attractive and inspiring to paint. This work has expanded my “Art Salad” collection. 

Available for purchase, 230€

"Got my ice cream". Paper 13x12 cm, 2018, Estonia

My bunny likes ice cream and traveling with me. This is one of the precious moments from my French adventure in the summer of 2018.

Available for purchase, 110€

"Sunny breakfast". Paper 18x18 cm, 2018, Estonia

Once in the morning in Budapest...

Available for purchase, 110€

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